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For those interested in huge terrains for Blender, Unreal Engine and other 3D software

Terrain Mixer update for Blender 3.5 + Curve Objects

New Video Tutorials + Terrain Mixer Update (big one)

Terrain Mixer Update - 3D Scans, Tileable Materials, Shader Blending (and more)

AAA Material for Blender 3D is now available

Terrain Mixer (Blender 3.1.2) - updated!

Terrain Mixer GN 1.0.1 Update!

Terran Mixer - Huge update for Blender 3.0

Terrain Mixer's best friend, Simple Object Scatter 1.0, is here (and that's not all)

Free Terrains + Terrain Mixer Update

Important information about Terrain Mixer, subscription, and other Boonika Art Tools

Finally - 'Properties' menu for Terrain Mixer

Black Friday / Cyber Monday (40% OFF)

Set the reminder

Terrains for artists are finally here

Art Shader Kit V1.0 for Blender users is now available